Specializing in maintenance, resurfacing, & construction
of tennis courts & basketball courts!

Tennis Court Maintenance

As the largest tennis court maintenance company in southern California we are well aware of the needs of the tennis enthusiast.We currently are serving homeowners associations, school districts, companies & private homes in the greater San Diego area.

  • With regular professional monthly maintenance as described below will insure the longevity of the surface and windscreens, as well as keeping your property looking beautiful, thus making this particular amenity a clean, safe and enjoyable experience for you all.
  • Match Point Tennis Courts, Inc. will make every effort to clean your court to the best of our ability& hopefully surpass your expectations. We do not use any chemicals or detergents due to the California “Clean Water Act” and the possible staining it may cause as a result of penetrating the courts surface.
  • Water, scrub brushes, and squeegees will be used to try and remove prior staining.
  • We cannot guarantee all grease, bird droppings and water stains be removed completely but will fade within time if maintained on a regular basis.
  • Our workers are fully covered by Workman’s Compensation Insurance and Liability insured up to 1 million dollars.
  • Our maintenance crew has also been background checked & cleared.

Maintenance Service Includes:

  • Sweep and / or blow courts to remove loose debris prior to washing.
  • Pre-scrub unusual spots, spills, or water lime stains prior to washing.
  • Courts jet broom washed, squeegeed and roll dried for faster drying.
  • Tennis net posts cleaned, tennis net adjusted to regulation height.
  • All windscreens washed once a month can be include for an additional charge.

San Diego Tennis Court Maintenance

Match Point Tennis Courts, Inc. has proudly been serving the tennis court
community in greater San Diego for over 20 years!!


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