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Tennis Court Resurfacing

Typical scope of work for a tennis or basketball court resurfacing project:

  • Power wash entire court using 3,500-5,000 psi to clean surface as well as to help remove loose color surface, reveal cracks, concrete/asphalt pop-outs.
  • Fill in cracks and pop-outs with court patch binder and grind flush.
  • Apply one (1) coat concrete primer to bare concrete grinded areas.
  • Apply one (1) coat “lava mix” Acrylic Resurfacer primer/sealer coat with a 60 mesh sand to help fill in smaller cracks and cement imperfections.
  • Apply one (1) coat Acrylic Color surfacing material with a 60 mesh sand.
  • Apply one (1) additional coat Acrylic Color surfacing material with a 90 mesh sand.
  • Pre-bleed tapelines for sharper lines.
  • Stripe tennis court per USTA or NCAA specifications.

Additional Services:

  • Re-painting of fence & lights fixtures
  • Replacing windscreens
  • Re-caulk expansion joints
  • Fence repairs & replacement
  • Replacing light bulbs & cleaning lenses
  • Replacing broken net posts
  • Installing tennis nets & center straps

View available tennis/basketball court colors here.

San Diego Basketball Court Resurfacing San Diego Tennis Court Resurfacing

We use the Guardian crack repair system for fixing cracks.

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